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Sensory illuminated writing board (1)


A sensory illuminated writing board, ideal to use for preliminary writing, you can also draw on it freely or you can use the assignment cards (preparatory writing - numbers). You can slide this assignment card at the top of the writing board, so that it does not move during practice. The writing board can be set in 7 different colors.

Can be used with all erasable pens, but we recommend using the included chalk marker. Wipe the plates with a damp cloth after use to make them ready for writing again. Do not submerge the plates in water.

To be used in combination with the assignment cards (preparatory writing) in assignment cards (numbers)


1 sensory illuminated writing board (dim. 25.5 x 17 cm)
1 chalk marker (random color offered)

Batteries not included

You still need to place 3 AAA batteries in the writing board yourself.

Sensory illuminated writing board (1)